Rain Light




All through the rainy light the sculpt came through

magnified with stretchy glimmer

the stars dripped to earth

corneas each one.


Can you see yourself

broken and clear

letting the light right through yourself

changed by both


the viscose filter and the curve?





It is awash

again, aiming

sunrise moonset

months then years,

gone into the sliding jaw mouth past

slipping water-like the falling.

Is it the photograph

stopping this moment,

or slowing

the bubble of that, or this,

bursting the passing


with its glassy lens-tooth

as if this could stop the flow and flow of it?

Days pass

with the claw and claw

as it trembles

but never slows

the tilt of the eye

the kink of the clock,

runnels of it through the evaporating mind

falling and falling

moonset, sunrise.