The Balance


I’ve felt the earth tilt

its great side shift against the nothing sleep pulls up from nowhere

as if gravity could gain a dream or pay for itself with yellow coins

the way we must to survive the flat shift of time right now.


You know it from the way it waits for that small moment among

the thrill of crowding moments the one that hits so surely

then sways you down the way a lover would take your arm and guide you there, just there

never expected but always present breath in the hallways


or passages lined red with pulsing – not dizzy so much as able to see

the waver in the moment how passing seconds rise

moving always moving never at one because there’s always another

as if height and distance made love in my ear


so that vertical and horizontal (those twins) were the same one thing

and no sense came from it except the one that

made sure the earth’s round belly was forever home

– look there, how it’s lines are curves how these angles are worn away…



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