The Shiraz Tree


A wind blows cold kisses

all over the place

fools littered leaves

swinging with sun

the wine dark tree

leaves that plum maroon

are over-hung ultra-violet

sweet leather with a hint of oak

dark cherry deepening to finish

in the sky

where tastebuds are lost

against the wind’s

own dry tongue-kiss

branching up beyond

the senses rolling up these

solid expectations for

the tinge of green

into the velvet sweet and heady.




Absence (final NaPoWriMo poem 2014)


There’s been too much exiting

too many absences

the summer’s flutter

tinkles of heat those

sighing nights so full of

sinking stars, gone.


There has been leave-taking

those collapsing far-away

heat encrusted suns

that spatter the night

fall and implode

flowers of fusion


wrinkle and die

crumple and fade

from yellow and blue

to lack of light, blank so deep

that they are nothing

no smoke, no dust

just absence,


like now.