It has a slow beginning

parting you and your body

where your eyelids press

over all that light and dancing

that mouth all rumpled with

resting tongue soft and slack

even your hands curl and

fingers make a c that closes

up all the doing all the holding

all the catching all the grasp.


Slow and then dropping deeper

breath slow and quiet in this diving mode

you tremble with dreams as they

daylight this dim-lit cloudy zone

the fragment of the moon pressing

your flushing cheek as if

it wants to see in too, and is just waiting

for admittance to the place

only you will ever go, only you will ever

heap up your tiredness and tie it to the

float of dream and turn away again

to make your way through and through

all this witching hour all this meandering

all this trying new moulds for your body

new sight for your clean eyes from below.


Lie still and be loved from here

when you wake we will be here, too

and if you try out your voice we will know it

and even if you are oceans away

or galaxies, you will have our arms

to catch you, you will belong to our dreams.



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