Shadow and Shy


The tidal pocket pressure of it

The flume of it

Height push and will of it

Ripple and tug of it

Irresistible hug of it

Shadow and shy of it

The lack of it

Is just the coming of it

The call and emote of it

The cost of it

The throttle of it

The leap and sign of it

The heat and hollow of it

The pit and promise of it

The suck and tumble of it

The rush and shore of it

The edge and rim of it

The touch and tug

The hunt and bellow of it

The peep and mimick of it

The real and ripple of it

The seep and light of it

The meek and winnow of it

The rally and rasp of it

The call and flotsam of it

The stripe and signal of it

The tingle and traipse of it

The spread and swivel of it

The thumb and ink of it

The spume and the sail of it

The twang and lecture of it

The music and mute of it

The cup and the whirl of it.


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