What I said


My dear, i did not bing any more water

because I did not could not know that you would need to drink and drink until your belly fell over the elastic of your shorts.

No I cannot push you on the swing again,

my shoulders are sore, my arms ache, the muscles in my neck as spasming

but yes, I am still breathing and I can get us home.

You need a poo? Now? Well I have a plastic bag, and some nappy wipes, but don’t do it there!

There is a man coming with four large dogs.  Not on the path, move under the tree

there it’s shady.

Here, here, now wipe it – don’t worry, the dogs wont hurt you.

Yes, caught short you see.

OK, now are you finished? Are you finished yet?

Here, wipe with this, and wipe your hands, and put it all in here. There, now.

Watch out! Oh dear, are you OK? Yes, its bleeding.  Poor old love.  You need to watch were you put your feet!

Yes, I’ll take you home.  Yes, you can – and I’ll make you some dinner and run a bath and find some dry clothes.





The pawing stretch of leap

space between up spring

down land and falling onwards –

but falling with such deliberate feet

such impertinence to gravity

that even the air believes it.


One cat pounce-fling

the wings of the wind

all in mico-ounces the weight of

the uncaught mouse

is the hup of tail out

and flinging the body

one breath at a time.


Have you seen how cats don’t trip

never miss their leg or stumble

the way the word might on its linea momentum

between me and you?

How, if they know our voices they do not care,

or trust, or know either of those words.

For them the world is as certain as the landing ledge

the solid roof or rail or gutter that lends to them

it’s weight.