tossed coin




He says mind spins

and spins in the darkness of it’s shell

makes and unmakes itself

as a spider eats her skein.


That thought itself,

(a currency of threads)

is not the coin that spins

flipping choice after choice

but everything that coin could mean

between extra weight

and another mouthful.


It twists.

Can (seem to) writhe out of clutch

and scuttle

head for openings

which sense the holes in its home.


Wildflower Seed Mix

Swan River Daisy

Swan River Daisy

Each child held a smudge of possibility on their hands;

seeds so tiny, how could they become whole plants?

Daisies whose flowers could dry out and crackle in our palms

the swishing wish of wattle, red brushes or blue stars?

One after the other and sometimes together

the children flung them – seeds, husk, the dried earth of their digging –

into the loose patch of soil and

waited a moment to see if they would grow.



Dry eyes glitter
From the crevice
That fingers the cemented path
Tracing possibilities
The way a river traces
Gravity’s palm.
Pincers, their brackish heads,
All six legged threat
To inject pain
Along the bloodstream
Skin bursting to bloom
Throbbing stings
For your trespassing
All over their ancient ant-way.

Flavour (for Mandy H, Kate W, and the chef at Sage)

strawberry gazpacho green tomato ice cream, lemon verbena goat’s curd yoghurt

strawberry gazpacho
green tomato ice cream, lemon verbena goat’s curd yoghurt

‘I’ve run out of words’,

she said

her mouth was empty of them

but along her spine

and the ripples of her brain

all sorts of glimpsed pleasure ran

sour on the front of the tongue

leaping back in the long perfume of it

and stinging mustard with its

horseradish all along the nose.

‘I have run out of words’,

for how intense that olive

danced all along the memory

of trees in the sunshine

or chocolate that floated

like cloud

cocoa that hopped between sweet and

that nip of darkness.

‘I’ve run out of words’,

the tongue comatose against the roof of her mouth,

the words all fled,

but not the appetite.