Waking Early


Day comes shining out of darkness bath

all the birds have noticed with their voices

varied as feathers

the clouds come up underlit

and trees that all night clasped at stars

let go and hold out for love

children mew then quieten

warm and dreamy in stitched washed beds

where all through the dark they travelled alone

until this soft day

like water, like a pillow

broke over them.



Sifted sorted volumes
Of time and chance
One glass bead and an elephant
That went far enough
Into the shadow
Lost to us even with all our complaining
Until now – daylight makes them
Almost as unrecognisable
as this room
Hollow now and transluscent

Why is there always a rabbit on the moon?


You see it there
Settled with its ears to one side

Grey among the luminous
Sequins of light

Everything is made of atoms
Everything but photons

You see that rabbit
Lope across your mind

A refracted figure
Your thought’s own darling

Nibbling the lunar stalks
Moonbeams stripped of their

Delicious roots and shortened
Into haphazard angles

And all those holes and craters
The warren work of this

Twitching velvet friend
‘See his ears?’ you say

‘See the way he’s sitting?
Can’t you can see it too?’