A Thousand Poems A Day


Leaf over leaf

cluttering the wind

making pools of cool air in the untended grass


The background is a drying sheet

a bed for later when daylight exhausted

smudge-rubbed retires


crickets and the bustle of possums

across the roof and off to night business




One inky thought,

Outlines of the detail

Slant the light just so my dear and

Smother love on everything – a vernix of waterproofing

(use dust motes, the bathroom door, the b flat in his voice)

So – washed in pure perspective – Miracles Miracles!

Find them tumbling everywhere

Under your feet

In your oven

Lying prone against the front door

Pupating in the kitchen

Thicken them in serum overnight

Mix with salt

Take a mortar and pestle

And pound into words